ESM is committed to helping innovative CleanTech, Renewables, and ESG focused organizations to cost effectively optimize their sales growth. With a keen focus on driving highly qualified opportunities and progressing opportunities through the pipeline, our aim is to collaborate with your team, compress the sales cycle, and accelerate revenue growth.

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Our Approach

One of the biggest risks with hiring a new SDR or AE is whether or not they will succeed. Is the investment of your time and capital going to pay off?

Our team of experienced sales professionals have demonstrated success at driving highly qualified opportunities that has led to over 100 Million in revenue for our customers and allowed them to reach growth milestones for new rounds of funding.

By utilizing our team on a month-to-month basis we can help to keep your overhead low while refining your sales development process with the ultimate goal of driving highly qualified opportunities and revenue.  If you're building out your internal sales team, we're happy to work alongside them and share our best practices.


Meet the Team


Erik Lefler

Co-Founder & CEO

Rob pic


Sr. Business Development Associate

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Mya rasmusson

Business Development Associate


Brett Allen


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Abby Hunter

Business Development Associate

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Sr. Business Development Associate

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Business Development Associate

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