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"The ESM team has been great to work with. Sustainability sales are complex. The ESM team understands this complexity and works diligently to perfect their messaging and approach. They work well with our internal sales team and multiply our effectiveness." - Yoram Bernet    CEO, Scope 5, Inc.

"The ESM Team has become a vital component to filling our sales pipeline. They were able to get ramped up quickly, are great to work with and deliver high quality opportunities right from the start." - David Solomon, Chief Revenue Officer, Sapient Industries

"We brought on ESM to help accelerate our sales outreach efforts. To reduce risk, we were able to enter into a limited term trial period...Our ROI on the trial period was >300%, so we've maintained their services moving forward." - Jake Anderson, CEO Anderson Optimization

Current and Past Clients

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Co-Founded by thought leaders like Adam Grant and Wayne Baker, Give and Take builds software that encourages a culture of generosity at work, which leads to better employee engagement and productivity, all in less than five minutes a day.

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Data-driven Building Operations

 AI-driven property operations platform helps real estate owners and operators aggregate hard-to-access building data, optimize performance, and control portfolio operations - all from one place. Facilio gives O&M teams real-time visibility into their operations, to automate manual processes, exceed sustainability goals, and improve building performance.

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Cannabis Grow Software | Built For Commercial Growers

Combining task management, environmental sensor data, and innovative compliance tech like Touchless Harvesting - to empower growers to boost efficiency, increase yields, and stay compliant.

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Water Intelligence

Transforming how water operators measure, manage, and forecast water quality and efficiency in Agricultural, Industrial, and Municipal applications.

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Responsible Supply Chain Company

MIMOSI Connect provides users with a trusted, immutable record of a wide variety of transactions, documents and key metrics across their entire supply chain, supporting social responsibility efforts and supply chain management.

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Smart siting & energy system modeling for renewables

We know that existing tools make renewable development slow and expensive. We reduce project inefficiencies and provide better analytical tools to lower project costs and maximize ROI.



Optimize your floor space, identify unused equipment, automate efficient energy consumption, improve safety and reduce environmental impact



ayfie provides marketing-leading search and text analytics for legal, compliance, finance, healthcare, and media that is based on more than 30 years of research and experiences in computational linguistics.


Leading the On-Demand Warehousing and
Fulfillment Technology Revolution

The WAREHOWZTM cloud based software lets you tap into our network of innovative warehouses and their services


Sustainability Data Management Solutions

Scope 5 is a platform that enables organizations to manage their GHG and other emissions data. Market leaders use their cloud-based solution to TRACK progress, REVEAL waste, and DRIVE action so you can shrink environmental footprint and boost resource conservation and reuse.


CO2 and Ethanol Extraction Equipment

Eden Labs was founded on a vision of making whole plant medicine more accessible to the world through the highest quality, most-reliable extraction equipment.


Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Management

At FrameworkESG, we’re a next-generation consultancy helping companies establish strategic advantage by engaging new social, environmental, and economic realities proactively.


Risk and Avoid Costs with Intelligent Water Management.

APANA® puts you in control of your water infrastructure by helping you see, understand, and manage an often invisible resource.  A secure IoT solution delivers insights into daily operations with actionable, step-by-step guidance to fix problems.  APANA clients have demonstrated significant water use reductions, but the real benefits go far beyond water savings alone.