Wondering what life is like working with ESM? These are some of the common questions we hear:

How Does ESM Operate?

Based on the requirements identified by our clients, we select a team out of our sales people who will be responsible for the corresponding work. Those sales people will then be tasked with the role of your typical sales development representative(s). The reps will be provided with criteria for what a qualified organization, lead and opportunity will look like. From there, they will have a set number of outreach metrics they will be required to hit on a weekly basis. These numbers are based on the set number of opportunities ESM is required to set up each month and the resulting input efforts we expect will be needed.

What sets ESM apart from other similar organizations?

Most organizations who provide contract sales and marketing work focus on input efforts when it comes to pricing (number of hours, number of reps, etc.) ESM is different because our entire offering is based on what we are going to deliver at the end of each month. We recognize that there are several different factors that come into play when engaging new prospects, and that certain times of the year may require more input efforts for us to reach our goals. Our clients shouldn’t be held financially responsible if it takes us more time and effort to reach our established goals.

How does ESM approach the sales process?

We approach the sales process with certain expectations that we have established for ourselves over ESM’s lifetime. We use a 15% response rate as our core target when prospecting. We know that if we are receiving less than a 15% response rate, then our messaging, leads or organizations may need some adjusting. Out of the responses we receive, we aim for 20-30% to turn into a meeting/opportunity. Once the meeting is arranged between our client and the prospect, ESM will join and perform a “hand-over” of the opportunity.

What Qualifies A Lead?

A qualified lead for our clients will be an individual who is either in a decision-making position or someone who has a strong influence on the decisions that are being made.

How does ESM communicate activity and share results?

We are very flexible in the ways that we can communicate and share activity with our clients. We have worked with numerous CRM platforms and as long as we are provided access can typically integrate our email outreach to provide visibility day-to-day. We also keep track of our outreach metrics and performance which we discuss during weekly or bi-weekly update discussions. Overall, we aim to be as transparent with our work as possible.

Are there any other services ESM offers?

Outside of our sales efforts focused on driving revenue, ESM can be utilized in several other ways. Some of our clients will utilize our team to assist with managing their booth at conferences and events to help interact and capture new leads. We understand that our client's executives and salespeople should be spending their time at these events with high value prospects who are already in the pipeline or strong potential opportunities. If planned in advance, our team can also help to arrange in-person meetings for our clients at these events.

We also offer consulting on effectively managing the sales pipeline so that there is clear exposure of the pipeline to all groups involved. Within that work, we can also consult on various CRM platforms and how to either get the most out of your current platform, or to migrate to something new that may be a better fit.

Is there a way we can try ESM?

Yes! One of the ways a lot of organizations will try out our services is a short term POC (Proof of Concept). This is a toned down version of our typical engagement that costs less and gives you a sense of the high quality opportunities we deliver.